Bushin-Kai Dojo Wilmington NC

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Bushin-Kai Dojo ~ Wilmington, NC

Bushin-Kai Karate

  • Karate is a Japanese martial art meaning empty (Kara) hands (te).  Karate can be viewed in the following two ways: 1) Technique (the physical way) called “Karate-Jitsu,” and 2) Art (the spiritual way) called “Karate-Do.”  When it is said that Karate is a thing of the spirit, this is to interpreted “Ki,” (inner self).  Karate students train without weapons to discipline the mind and body and cultivate inner strength.


Children’s Karate

  • Bushin-Kai Karate is a traditional style of Martial Arts, which stresses discipline of the body and mind.  Within our self defense system, we incorporate high standards of respect, self-esteem and confidence that each child will use today as well as in the future.  Parents and all visitors are welcome to visit to observe any class at any of the times listed on our schedule.

Shinbu-Kai Aikido

  • Ai (Harmony), Ki (Spirit), Do (Way) Aikido is a Japanese martial art meaning “The Way of Harmony.”  It is strictly a defensive art that redirects an attacker’s force with a series of dynamic throws, takedowns and pins, and joint locks.  Aikido was developed as a means of stopping conflict.  Aikido is excellent as it both strengthens the mind and body, and enables one to deal with stress and decision making in daily life.  Most Aikido techniques were developed from the movement of the Samurai Swordsmen.


Toyama-Ryu Iaido

  • Iaido is the Japanese art of the Samurai Sword. Originally, Iaido was simply the art of drawing the sword, but now includes various techniques with cutting and blocking combinations.  The simplicity and effectiveness without artificial or theatrical postures is a distinguishing characteristic of Toyama-Ryu Iaido.